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Understanding Faurat – Lessons from Sulu ICRC Hostage Crisis January 28, 2015

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3rd of a series

Postcript to Understanding Faurat: When will Counter-Terrorist elements learn?

In the 1st part of this series, we noted that terrorists wage a world war under the guise of Islam. That the war they are waging is more secular, ideological than religious.

In the 2nd part of the this series, we tried to expound in greater length how progressive movements in some parts of the world in the past and today are similar in many ways to that of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria as well as to many other Islamic movements that we labeled as the “Jamaat” groups espousing not jihad or holy war but faurat which stands for revolution and is not a concept propounded by the Holy Qur’an.

We attempted to establish that the problem in many cases is that most of us at the receiving end of terrorist assaults are just patently and totally helpless…

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Understanding Faurat – Muslims, Revolution January 24, 2015

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The Center for CEOs, Executive Safety

2nd of a series

Towards new doctrines on standards in engagement

In the 1st part of this series, we expounded on the dearth of the true Islamic component within the Islamic State, many other terrorist groups (Mideast, South Asian, ASEAN or African, Mediterranean models).

In that discussion, we arbitrarily assign the Jamaat – or the movement of liberation type of template. This model has more commonality with Marxist, Leninist, Nietzsche, or other similar left-of-center political ideologies or Nazi Ultra-Rightist that struggles to appear to be from the other end of the spectrum.

Russian, Chinese, German, Libyan, Cuban, Cambodian, other models in revolution, have many aspects in common with the mold however it can be said that much of the intellectual aspects of the political myth of the revolution needed to be adapted to the specific environment. In a more contentious manner, we can almost say that the myth is…

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Understanding Faurat – Islam and Revolution January 23, 2015

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The Center for CEOs, Executive Safety

What is a Sustainable Remedy to Terrorism?

France attacker22bd901e-6116-434a-bc87-245f15aa47c3_800Printing facility outside Paris where two of the terrorists were neutralized

France just suffered from deadly terrorist attack. The policemen and civilian victims were struck with high powered weapons by terrorists claiming to be ISIS but that authorities are saying are members of and trained by Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

images (5)Islamic State leader, al-Baghdadi

Whatever the affiliation of those terrorists, it does not matter. What matters is the question that had been ringing in our ears for more than a decade now: Does the Military and law enforcement need to redesign, re-engineer their existing war and peacekeeping method?  Most certainly, they do.

Both military and police science are incontrovertibly applying biblical, Judaic, or else Confucian as well as variants of the marriage of eastern and western strategy and tactics in the conduct of warfare or militia work.

The question is, are…

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Uninvisible, Unsilent World War December 30, 2014

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Katihan ng Katutubo ng Tatlong Daluyong

France attacker22bd901e-6116-434a-bc87-245f15aa47c3_800François Hollande 2zdEqJ-q3d-200x113150108121458-07-paris-shooting-0108-large-169

Emerging Africa major threat groups that cross transnational bordersBoko Haram150103001318-boko-haram-file-large-11

The forthcoming rally in France will be unprecedented. While past cooperation between erstwhile enemies have taken place mostly in neutral territory, the coming of the leadership of Spain to France to show solidarity against terror and whatever else that is behind and propelling it, is a great historical milestone.

History will show how deep the enmity that came to develop between France and Spain in the old times.

The so-called usurpation of powers, treachery, vengeance, mutually assured destruction between the two former royalties spanned centuries – even millennia.

Today, with the biggest combine in the world – the United Nations – not having any immediate solution to the uninvisible, unsilent emerging world war – that is actually a proxy war openly featuring the ISIS or ISIL and such insignificant, hitherto obscure groups like Boko Haram, former enemies embrace each other as a…

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Sharing Information A Very Difficult Process

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The Center for CEOs, Executive Safety

French President François Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande, France’s security workers, police and the people of that bastion of Liberté could possibly be in big trouble.

François Hollande

But they will not be alone. The United States, Philippines along with a large chunk of Asia, Israel (an almost 100% likely target always), among several other highly vulnerable countries will be targeted. In the recent attacks in Paris’ (multiple attacks against Charlie Hebdo offices), the Al Qaeda supposedly takes responsibility for the attack. This is mostly just interlocking with the current wave of Iraq-Syria Islamic State group’s highly organized and determined terror acts fueling a vision of a world war.

The Al Qaeda, dominantly Sunni but on many occasions accommodating members of the other faction of Islam – the Shiites – is nearly in a state of collapse even if its remnants are still mostly burning with the same fervor and dedication with…

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A technical paper that embarks upon the actual objectives of the State for the benefit of stakeholders and users of Internet Services in the Philippines will shed light on the existing and future aspects of the service.

Technical Report - Philippine Internet Part I

Such a paper shall make apparent all the reasons and basis for explaining the current state of Internet in the Philippines.

As the situation stands, Internet service in the country today is miserably slow and yet it counts as being among the most expensive all over the world. Why did such a situation come into being?  How were investments and revenues of the licensed providers used to allow this to happen?  What factors helped cause the snail paced speed of Internet in spite of exorbitant earnings amassed by providers from helpless subscribers? In the face of such wretched conditions is the Philippine Government simply going to stay immobile…

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Study on Why Internet is Slow in the Philippines

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Watch out for the book version of why the internet is slow in the Philippines. We will announce the publication of the technical report and its availability for everyone.

Merry Christmas all, be patient with your slow internet now. Fast internet speed is coming very, very soon to your computers, devices and mobile phones!!!

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Part I and II of study on Why Internet is slow in the Philippines

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Cyberpark Group

We have finally completed the technical paper on Why Internet is slow in the Philippines.

These are the screenshots and images of the doc we finished just about a week or so ago.

Technical Report - Philippine Internet Part I

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Slow Internet in the Philippines

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Little do the current crop of Philippine stakeholders know that any scarce resource in the telecommunications industry, to inlcude every single one of the specific bandwidths of the various Spectrum of our Radio Frequencies, are only allocated by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

Some quarters believe that owning the entire breadth of one whole Spectrum, whether one is able or unable to pay the Spectrum Usage Fee (SUF) to the government, is legal and just okay.

It is not legal and it is not okay.  It is immoral and an abomination.  The International Telecommunications Union (ITU), the Asian Pacific Telecommunity (APT) will not stand for this.  This has got to change.

The ITU recently held its 2015 Conference in Geneva, Switzerland and declared as follows:

“WRC‐15 will provide more bandwidth for mobile– broadband
“Governments worldwide are making available more– spectrum – in line with national broadband planning and desired long…

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